Dr. Alessandro Monge joins Pharmacelera as Strategic Business Advisor

Alessandro Monge

San Diego and Barcelona. May 21st 2024. Pharmacelera, a deep tech company that develops and applies accurate Quantum Mechanics and Artificial Intelligence algorithms (“deep physics”) to accelerate drug discovery, today announced the appointment of Dr. Alessandro Monge as Strategic Business Advisor with a special focus on the North American market.

“Alessandro will be a key contributor to Pharmacelera’s growth in the US market, a priority market for our company now and in the future”, said Dr. Enric Gibert, CEO and co-founder of Pharmacelera. “Alessandro’s experience and skills will be pivotal in expanding our collaborations with large pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms and research institutions across the US”, he added.

“The use of Quantum Mechanics and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to find novel molecular scaffolds for challenging targets is becoming of paramount importance in the competitive landscape of drug discovery”, said Dr. Monge. “The cutting-edge technology developed by Pharmacelera, combined with its open and collaborative approach to partnerships and customer relations, will significantly enhance productivity in drug discovery”, Dr. Monge added.

Dr. Alessandro Monge has a background in science (quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, molecular dynamics, and protein modeling) and over two decades of corporate and business development experience in the field of computation and AI for drug discovery. He is Managing Partner at Blue Dolphin and Strategic Business Advisor at Nanome, and has previously held senior management positions at Schrodinger, Iktos and TandemAI. Alessandro earned his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from The Rockefeller University and completed his postdoctoral work at Columbia University, jointly in the Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics.




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