Mid 2021 Summary

The summer season has already started and, we would like to share with you what happened in Pharmacelera during the first half of 2021: new customers and collaborations, new team members, PharmWebinars series, technology updates, …

Let’s have a look!

Business News

  • We successfully finalized services projects with customers located in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland among others. 
  • The incorporation of Bill Wiersma as Sales Director in North America will strengthen the interactions with US customers. Bill has 30+ years of experience in the scientific software market. 
  • The commercial team is also reinforced by Greta Canovas as CFO. Greta has consolidated experience working with different start-ups. 
Bill Wiersma

Bill Wiersma

Sales Director in North America

Greta Canóvas

Greta Canovas


  • A whitepaper with Labiotech, gave more detail on our technology and the success stories with two clients located in the UK.
  • Our PharmWebinars continued with two new sessions:  
    • For “New Frontiers in CNS”, we were joined by Marco Devivo (IIT), Maria Laura Bolognesi (University of Bologna), and Steve Penrose (Anima Biotech). The webinar was complemented by a Case Study Session presented by Giorgia Zaetta (Pharmacelera).  
    • “New Approaches in GPCR Drug Design” saw a collaboration between Thijs Beuming (Lantham Biopharm Group), Zara Sands (Confo Therapeutics), and Javier Vazquez (Pharmacelera). 

Technology News

  • PharmScreen 2021.06 release is available! This update includes a faster virtual screening (up to 20%) with multithreaded machines, new modes of alignment, and new features in the SaaS GUI. Have a look to the video and request a trial today!
  • Three master students joined to Pharmacelera to implement new functionalities and performance improvements in PharmScreen.
  • New release of PharmQSAR tool with new functionalities like the generation of predictive models and preparation of molecular libraries in a single tool.
  • Iktos will apply Pharmacelera’s accurate Quantum-Mechanics (QM) hydrophobic molecular 3D descriptors via the software package PharmQSAR to develop Machine Learning (ML) predictors for key molecular properties in de-novo drug discovery.
  • We have developed an Application Program Interface (API) for PharmScreen and PharmQSAR. This interface will help with the integration of our tools with third-party solutions. This API will be available soon for our clients.

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