Pharmacelera Summary 2020

Enric Gibert

By Enric Gibert – Jan. 11, 2021

No doubt that 2020 was a challenging year. We sincerely hope you, your colleagues, and family remain safe and healthy and were able to go through the pandemic.

However, it has also been Pharmacelera’s best year so far and we look forward to beginning 2021 with energy and enthusiasm to explore new opportunities.

Pharmacelera is a company that works at the interface between Quantum Mechanics and Artificial Intelligence for drug discovery. We have developed a unique computational platform based on accurate Quantum-Mechanics (QM) algorithms, Machine Learning (ML) models and High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure. Our in-silico technology mines a larger chemical space consisting of billions of candidate molecules and finds original hits that are totally missed by traditional methodologies. We help pharmaceutical R+D in early small molecule drug discovery to improve R+D efficiency by using our superior proprietary technology and expertise.

Did you know that in 2020…?

1. Our business grew globally

  • New customers and users from the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, India and Spain engaged with us in 2020.
  • We successfully managed projects with 2 of the top 10 pharma companies in which we applied our technology to increase their R&D productivity. Quantum Mechanics description of molecules were used for both Fragment based progression of chemical entities and for improvement of development stages via Machine Learning derived models.
  • The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI), Germany’s largest academic institution dedicated mainly to infection research, and Pharmacelera have established a strategic collaboration. See more.
  • 9 institutions got free access to our technology to design novel small molecules for Covid-19.

2. We won a non-dilutive EIC Accelerator Grant

  • Our technology was validated by the European Innovation Council (EIC) and we were awarded a non-dilutive EIC Accelerator grant (with a success rate of 2.4%) to further develop our computational platform.

3. We grew and attracted top talent

  • Woody Sherman, a former Schrödinger VP and a KOL in computational chemistry, joined our Advisory Board. See more.
  • Mariana Vaschetto, a former Dotmatics VP and a thought leader in business development for drug discovery, joined our Advisory Board.  See more.
  • We incorporated experts in the fields of machine learning, software development, medicinal / computational chemistry and business development. And we are always opened to bring in top talent.
  • We moved our new offices to the Parc Cientific de Barcelona (PCB), one of the hottest life science hubs in Europe.

4. Our QM and ML in-silico technology is now more accessible

  • We have successfully applied our accurate algorithms to uncover hits that are totally missed by traditional approaches in several domains, including GPCRs, kinases, neurological diseases, oncology, drug repurposing, and Fragment-Based Drug Discovery.
  • Our work has been published at the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (JCIM) and the Molecules journal. See more.
  • We have used our accurate Quantum-Mechanics (QM) descriptors to predict key molecular properties using Machine Learning (ML). Stay tuned for more public news in this regard in 2021.
  • PharmScreen® has been incorporated officially into Knime, one of the most popular workflow and data analytics platforms and Pharmacelera has become a Knime Technology Partner. See more.
  • We have added several new features to our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Graphical User Interface (GUI) that enhances the user experience.

5. We significantly increased our brand awareness

  • We launched our webinar series and organized 2 scientific discussions with Key Opinion Leaders in the field of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and in silico approaches for phenotypic assays with 390+ registrants. Stay informed for forthcoming talks in 2021! See more.
  • 1200+ people and organizations are following our progress in LinkedIn (an 80%+ YoY increase).

Join us and stay tuned for a thrilling 2021 by following us in LinkedIn!




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