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RDKit User Group Meeting

Enric Herrero, Pharmacelera’s CTO, is giving a talk about conformation generation at the RDKit User Group Meeting, held in Berlin from Sept 20th to Sept

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New user interface for PharmScreen

Check out our new user interface for PharmScreen! Perform virtual screening campaigns with just a few clicks and take advantage of Pharmacelera’s unique 3D hydrophobic

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User experience for life sciences

Using scientific software can be frustrating and time-consuming if user experience has not been taken into account, resulting in less productive research. In order to

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Quantum-mechanical descriptors

Does the accuracy of quantum-mechanical (QM) descriptors at density functional theory (DFT) level justify its computational requirements for molecular superposition? In this graph, we compare

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Pharmacelera in BIO San Diego

Pharmacelera is going to attend BIO International Convention this June in San Diego. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet us and know more about PharmScreen,

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Multi-reference strategy

This image shows a successful small-molecule alignment using a multi-reference strategy on a set of D2/D4 inhibitors. As it can be observed, using two references

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Pharmacelera in BioSpain 2016

Pharmacelera has attended BIOSPAIN 2016 in Bilbao. BIOSPAIN is the largest biotech event organized by a national bioindustry association in Europe and one of the

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