New Pharmacelera nodes for KNIME

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We are pleased to announce a new update of our Pharmacelera KNIME nodes. Access to our tools is enhanced with the update of our nodes, making them easier to use for scientists who are familiar with KNIME and for first-time users. Not only have we adapted our tools to the latest versions of KNIME, but we have also provided them with new functionalities compared to previous versions.

New knime nodes
Three nodes are now available: Library Preparation and Virtual Screening (PharmScreen) and exaScreen nodes.

What's new?

Let’s take a look at some of the new features:

  • The nodes have been configured so they can always use the latest version of PharmScreen and exaScreen.
  • The exaScreen node is now available! Our latest technology for huge chemical library screening is now available in KNIME, which mean that you can know mine efficiently billions of compounds, obtaining a list of synthesizable and purchasable compounds that can be further analyzed with your preferred cheminformatics workflow.
exascreen workflow
Workflow for exaScreen execution. A new component has been developed for the experiment configuration.
  • The nodes are now compatible with the Pharmacelera API. This option allows you to run your calculations in your own computer, no matter if it is running Linux, Windows or Mac.
  • Need more computer power? An additional feature that comes with the Pharmacelera API is the possibility to run your calculations on an external computer (workstation or cluster), adding the possibility to access to HPC resources.
  • New design for node configuration. KNIME is changing its interface to Modern UI. And our nodes too. This new interface allows to group the configuration elements, so you can easily identify the different options of the node.
Configuration of the Ligand Preparation node.
  • Compatibility with the latest version of KNIME: The latest version is 5.2, so we have made our nodes compatible with it. However, we understand that many users may be using 4.7, so we will maintain compatibility with this version, although we encourage migration.
  • The nodes are accompanied by new components that facilitate the configuration of the input data, like the exaScreen configuration, helping you to load your files and select where to cut your reference molecule.
knime components for exascreen and pharmscreen
New components to easily configure exaScreen and PharmScreen input information.
  • Third party nodes are evolving constantly, so we have reviewed our previous workflows and updated them, including new ones.
Workflow comparing the results between PharmScreen and RDKit.

Try them now!

Want to try the new Pharmacelera nodes? Write us to or fill in the form and ask for your license!

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